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mg_4139-minEver wondered what it feels like to chop 50 kilos of onions? Welcome to a little peek into my life and my passion!

I loved my job at the Discovery Channel in Delhi,where I would be glued to my desk,watching hours and hours of world class shows, meeting the best travel hosts in the business, scripting and editing promos, and planning path-breaking campaigns. It was exhilarating work, till one day I realized I was writing on an empty stomach. I was suddenly very hungry to get out there and consume the world of gastronomy. I quit my job and set out to work as a Kitchen Apprentice. My friends and family assigned ‘temporary’ status to my new obsession, but I persisted. I found myself an apprenticeship at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, the mesmerizing world of food and its evolution under the influence of different cultures and psychologies.